Active Volcano Tour

Big Island

Active Volcano Tour

12 max (shared tour)

  • Fully experience the active Kilauea Volcano and Volcanoes National Park
  • View bubbling lava and its dramatic lighting of the night sky
  • Explore a private lava tube exclusive to this tour
  • See past lava flows, steaming vents, craters, & cinder cones
  • Expert guide will enlighten with geology, history, culture, and mythology
  • Includes meals, snacks, drinks, variety of gear, and transport service


Fully experience the geological wonders and fascinating history of Big Island's volcano region with a full day exploring lava tubes, steaming vents, cinder cones, current & past lava flows, and much more.

In a small group and with highly knowledgeable local guides, this hands-on tour will teach you about the significant role of volcanoes in the Hawaiian Islands. You'll witness the massive Halemaumau Crater in Volcanoes National Park which collapsed in the 2018 eruption that made international headlines and which recently started erupting again! You'll learn about and see the effects of the power of nature creating and shaping Hawaii to the present. Based on the conditions of the day, the tour will select a 2-3 mile easy-to-moderate hike to explore the unique terrain of the active Kilauea volcano.

Outside the Park, you'll also enjoy exclusive access to a 35-foot-high underground lava tube on private property only accessible by this tour, seeing firsthand how rivers of lava would traverse the land during eruptions. 

The tour culminates in the evening with a once-in-a-lifetime dramatic viewing of fiery active lava bubbling in the vast crater before your eyes and creating an orange glow against the dark starry night sky. [note: see lava update below]

Pickups are available from Waikoloa and Kona, saving you from driving the 4+ hours round-trip, including a long stretch at night through a remote area in the middle of the island (Saddle Road) often enveloped in fog or rain. You can also meet the tour between Hilo and Volcano without missing any substantive stops. The private tour includes pickups from Hilo or Volcano Village. 

TravelShack's Choice


  • The most reputable and longest running small group tour operator on the Big Island (almost 30 years)
  • Known for knowledgeable and professional guides, many with degrees in volcanology, geology, and biology
  • Exclusive access to a private lava tube you can walk through
  • Hikes to see unique sites beyond the busiest stops
  • Pickup service includes Kona and Waikoloa
  • Comfortable van transport and maximum of only 12 people (often less)
  • Meals and snacks included
  • All the gear to keep you comfortable and to maximize your experience, including telescopes for lava viewing

Lava Update (May)
As of March 7, the lava flow in the crater has crusted over. Last time this happened, it paused for only a month, although it's impossible to predict. Conditions can change at anytime. This tour runs during stretches when lava is not visible, and it's still an enriching experience with fascinating views and insights into one of the the most active and accessible volcano regions in the world.

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