Luau at The Wailea Beach Marriott


Luau at The Wailea Beach Marriott

South Maui

Time: Evening

Duration: 3 hours

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  • Hawaiian and Polynesian culture and history depicted through song and dance
  • Spectacular fire dance
  • All-you-can-eat feast served to your table with variety of Hawaiian dishes and open bar with tropical cocktails
  • Imu ceremony with unearthing of cooked pig
  • Overlooking beautiful beach and sunset as backdrop


Experience the tastes and sights of Hawaiian culture and history with the Te Au Moana (“The Ocean Tide”) Luau at the oceanfront Marriott Resort in Wailea. You’ll enjoy an all-you-can-eat feast of Hawaiian cuisine served to your table, an open bar, an Imu ceremony unearthing the pig cooking in a traditional underground oven, and authentic and entertaining performances with vibrant costumes depicting the stories of Hawaii and the Polynesian people, culminating in the exciting fire-knife dance. All of this takes place with a scenic backdrop of a tropical beach and a setting sun over the Pacific Ocean.

The menu of traditional and modern Hawaiian dishes includes ahi poke (raw tuna), kalua pulled pork cooked all day in an underground oven, Hawaiian-style BBQ chicken, mahi mahi, and local greens & vegetables. If you have dietary restrictions that are not supported sufficiently by this menu or have severe allergies, please answer the question at checkout so arrangements can be made in advance by the luau.

Note: The "buffet" shown in the video is no longer accurate, as dinner is now served to your table family-style (all you can eat).

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  • Exciting fire-knife dance
  • Full table service (family style) for dinner, not a buffet like others where you need to stand in a long line
  • Pre-assigned seating and personalized check-in time for quick arrival process with minimal wait (no need to line up early in long lines like others)
  • Everyone receives fresh flower lei necklace (or if rare supply issue a carved wooden turtle necklace)
  • Imu ceremony
  • Warm host provides insightful commentary to audience that compliments the beautiful storytelling through song and dance
  • Free self parking

September 8 Update
This luau has not been directly impacted by recent fires on Maui and is operating normally. The current travel restriction is only for West Maui, which is now scheduled to expire on October 8. For those visiting other islands, you could also consider our luaus on Oahu and the Big Island

Maui's economy, which is heavily dependent on tourism, is counting on the return of visitors to fully recover from this disaster and to preserve jobs and livelihoods, especially for the vast majority of Maui residents who are not eligible for disaster assistance and for whom the continued severe reduction of tourism would be devastating. Please consider visiting Maui soon as a way to support the broader island community. The physical destruction was generally limited to the town of Lahaina in West Maui, or around 1% of Maui's land area, and is located almost 1 hour from this luau in South Maui. Thank you.


If you've checked the booking calendar above and don't see any availability for the only dates you can do (note: luau normally doesn't operate on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays), if you are a party of 4+, please contact us, as there may be some flexibility. For all other parties, please submit our waitlist form, or check out our other luaus in West Maui


Standard Seating

$265 for ages 13+
$82.50 for ages 6-12 ($165 for Dec 23+)
Free for ages 5 & under

Premium Seating

$295 for ages 13+
$190 for ages 6-12
Free for ages 5 & under

Pricing for both packages reflects full table service (gratuity is included). 

Dec 2023 Holiday and 2024 Schedule & Pricing

December 23, 2023 & onward luau dates have not yet been officially released. With the exception of Standard child pricing reverting to $165 (from the temporary child special), we expect minimal or no changes to the schedule or pricing. For those who want to get their booking over with and so we can grab you the best seats in the package booked as soon as those luau dates are officially released, these dates are available to book now in our calendar above, and if there are any unexpected changes we will inform you as soon as possible with ample notice. However, if you prefer to wait until these dates are more final, you can check back within the next few months for when this message has been updated/removed, or you can submit our waitlist form to be contacted at that time.

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Fodor's Guidebook:

Luaus are a major attraction. You get what you pay for, and many of the best book weeks or months in advance, so reserve early. Plan your luau night early on in your trip to help you get into the Hawaiian spirit.

Simply breathtaking backdrop. The tasty family-style dinner serves a a three-course dinner that includes variety of local staples and desserts, as well as an open bar. The performance concludes with a jaw-dropping solo fire-knife dance.

Moon Guidebook:

Attending a luau is like going to dinner theater. It’s a good opportunity to try a lot of local foods at once. If you really enjoy a good Broadway show, then you might enjoy a luau, and kids seem to love them.

The Marriott luau has a highly entertaining performance, and the backdrop of the setting sun creates a panorama you would expect from a luau in paradise.

Maui Revealed Guidebook:

A luau can be a blast, and, if your time allows for one, they are highly recommended. The better ones are at the higher price end, and you should book them in advance.

Beautiful setting; the stage is between you and the ocean