Road to Hana Tour


Road to Hana Tour

Duration: 9-12 hours

8 max (for shared tour)

Fitness: Easy

  • Famous coastal drive includes ocean views, waterfalls, black/red sand beaches, rainforest, and much more
  • Go all the way around (no retracing) to observe old lava flows on the backside of the volcano
  • Enjoy the scenery more without the stress of driving the windy road yourself
  • Local guide entertains you and provides insight into Hawaiian life and history
  • Small group shared tour of only 8 guests max (larger / private groups also possible)
  • Comfortable new vans customized for route; door-to-door service included


The famous “Road to Hana” (or Hana Highway) winds along the undeveloped eastern coast of Maui with cliffs above the Pacific Ocean on one side and lush rainforest full of majestic waterfalls on the other. See the highlights with a full day tour which allows you to efficiently fit in much more than one could do on one’s own, and to learn about the sights, history, and Hawaiian culture from a knowledgeable and fun local guide. By doing a tour, you can also relax while taking in the scenery rather than driving yourself many hours on the long narrow windy and sometimes bumpy road.

You will be picked up from your lodging and safely transported to many stops while receiving personalized attention with only a maximum of 8 people on the tour in a roomy modern air-conditioned van designed for 14 (note: larger / private groups also possible). Highlights include waterfalls, beaches (including black and red sand beaches), lava tubes, remote towns, swimming off beaches (optional), Charles Lindbergh’s grave, and of course many lookouts and ocean views along the way. This is a "full circle" tour, so you will not be turning around in Hana but instead return via the southern loop with very different terrain and unique views of the backside of the volcano.*

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  • More personal tour with only 8 passenger maximum (sometimes ends up being less), in a van designed for 14
  • A party of only 2 will usually have their own row, with an unobstructed left window view where the best views are, whereas other tours you will likely share row (4 people per row) and have obstructed view if sitting on right side
  • Does the full loop, rather than turn around at Hana, so you see very different terrain and don’t have to retrace the same windy road back (backside road is much straighter)
  • Hawaiian style — fun local Polynesian guide with roots in the area (all are from Maui) will provide insight into the real Hawaii
  • Pick-up/drop-off at lodgings throughout Maui
  • Swimming opportunities (black sand beach and waterfalls)
  • Hot BBQ lunch cooked fresh at local gem
  • More stops by far (others just drive by them) (see full list below)


Especially within a week of the tour date, you may see limited availability; however, if you are a party of 5+ (or are willing to pay for 5 seats), please contact us since we can likely open up another van for your group. Please also enter 5+ people in the booking form to see if more dates show as available.

More generally, if the currently shown dates do not work for you, you can check back since new openings do occur, and you can submit our waitlist form

Note: when booking within a week of the tour date when spots can be limited and availability can change quickly, sometimes there are issues confirming your selected date. You would either get a confirmation email or be contacted asap if there is an issue.

* Loop Status - May Update

Due to ongoing road maintenance past Hana due to storm erosion, the tour cannot guarantee the loop at this time, although some of the tour vans are getting through. Temporary closures are common and without notice, and it's not known if a specific tour van will get through until they reach the area. If the tour cannot do the loop, it would turn around after Hana, with the main missed stop Lindbergh's grave. Guests would still see virtually the entire popular Road Hana Tour route, with the scenic coastal views, black sand beach and waterfalls (including swimming opportunities), and more; it just would return the way it came (on the better maintained road). 

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Maui Revealed Guidebook:

The road to Hana is without question the most famous road in all Hawai’i, the crown jewel. A slow, winding road through a lush paradise. The Hawaii of your dreams, the tropical fantasy that becomes reality.

Driving all the way to Hana and then turning around — which the vast majority of visitors do — is like a shave ice without the ice cream on the bottom. It means missing the incredibly expansive views of the coastline, the impossibly blue sky against the brown and red upper slopes of the volcano, and the utter lack of civilized development — these are the things that make a drive along the bottom part of the island (the loop) worthwhile.

Car break-ins can occur at scenic spots [if you drive yourselves]

Lonely Planet Guidebook:

Hawaii’s Top 20: Road to Hana. Hold on tight! Of all the jaw-droppingly dramatic drives in Hawaii, this is the Big Kahuna. A roller coaster of a ride, it twists down into jungly valleys and back up towering cliffs, curling around 600 twists and turns along the way. 54 one-lane bridges cross nearly as many waterfalls. It’s ravishingly gorgeous, but certainly not easy.

Smash-and-grab thefts do occur [if you drive yourselves]

Fodor's Guidebook:

Maui’s Top 15 Attractions. The stunning Road to Hana is an iconic, winding road with dramatic coastal views and can be the highlight of a trip. It is a Hawaii pilgrimage and is one of Hawaii’s best experiences. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful drives on the planet.

Moon Guidebook:

Arguably the most beautiful place on earth. Devote a full day to the experience. Don’t drive back the same way you came in: Following the back road all the way around the island, you are graced with new views as your surroundings change to windswept, arid lava flows. If you question your ability to drive narrow, mountainous roads, then take a guided van tour. Local guides can provide insights into Hawaiian history, culture, and personal anecdotes which add humor to the lengthy drive.