Maui Luaus


Experience the tastes and sights of Hawaiian culture and history with a luau at a beautiful beachfront resort while the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean. You’ll enjoy an all-you-can-eat feast of Hawaiian cuisine, an open bar, emceed entertainment with audience participation, and authentic performances with vibrant costumes from Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, New Zealand and Samoa culminating in the exciting fire-knife dance. 

Guidebook Reviews

Maui Revealed guidebook:

Going to a luau can be a real blast, and it's highly recommended.

Moon guidebook:

Attending a luau is like going to dinner theater. It’s a good opportunity to try a lot of local foods at once. If you really enjoy a good Broadway show, then you might enjoy a luau, and kids seem to love them.

Activity Comparison

We offer three luaus, two in Ka’anapali (West Maui) and one in Wailea (South Maui). They are mostly similar, so you may just want to decide based on proximity to where you are staying, your budget, and availability, but their primary differences are outlined in the table below. Additional details and booking options can be found by visiting the individual pages.

Activity 1

Kaanapali Westin, West Maui

Activity 2

Kaanapali Sheraton, West Maui

Activity 3

Wailea Marriott, South Maui


Kaanapali Beach in West Maui / Lahaina

Kaanapali Beach in West Maui / Lahaina

Wailea in South Maui
(near Kihei)

Audience Size




Table Service

Yes, for drinks (in addition to bar)
Buffet dinner

No, buffet dinner, and drinks at bar

Yes, for dinner & drinks (in addition to bar)

Children Meals beyond the main menu

Yes, separate buffet of mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, tater tots, and cookies


Yes, by request

Interactive Activities all the luaus have hula lessons

No, but local artisans with their crafts for sale

Flower rosettes / bracelets
Temporary Polynesian tattoos

Some kids activities, including craft projects and tattoos
Local artisans selling

Price Higher price is for premium seating

Age 13+: $210 / $270
Age 4-12: $110 / $170
Age 3 & under: Free

Age 13+: $190 / $219
Age 6-12: $106 / $134
Age 5 & under: Free

Age 13+: $265 / $295
Age 6-12: $82.50 / $190
Age 5 & under: Free

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